15 February 2016

When Poetry Meets Art

It had been a pleasure to have my poem Purple Kisses published in The Linnet's Wing's Summer 2015 issue and I'm reminiscing it today upon seeing the nearly finished version of the artwork featured in its cover.
The TLW Summer 2015 issue has a beautiful cover featuring a watercolour study by Marie Lynam Fitzpatrick, the Managing Editor of TLW. 

Front cover - The Linnet's Wings Summer 2015
Marie tells me the story behind the artwork :

The painting is my interpretation of a scene from the Kenneth McMillan ballet titled 'Manon.' The cover is a watercolour study that I ran up to get a feel for the story of the work that I was trying to imagine. 
The story, which your readers might already know, Priya, is based on the novella, 'Manon Lescaut' by Abbé Prévost, which was written in 1731, and it´s one that has been referenced by many writers down the years. Like most writers and artists I´m always interested in what keeps a story in front of so many generations of writers and readers. And in its case it has it all: family, love, sex, betrayal, greed, imprisonment, and a final resolution that has a happy if sad ending--an ending that stays with one.
And there´s a summation of a world to be found within its story maybe one that still exists here and now, as in some form or another people are still living an aspect of this lifestyle somewhere on our planet.
I work on 'The Linnet's Wings' magazine design and over the last number of years I have been adding classic art to contributors´ work as a way to reach back into voice and story, to compliment and contrast, by using artistic voice to bridge time and bring the older. classic, voices through. And I suppose it's like all work, one is influenced by the reads and choices and I've always loved dance, and ballet in particular.
The ballet was given, in 1974, in Royal Opera House Covent Garden, and while I was reading the synopsis I was intrigued by the way in which a number of the leading ladies approached the role for technique, acting, story.(Read about their world view driving the process.) 
I loved that twirling dance of life on show, in Manon, that one, that so few live but enjoy imagining. I enjoyed working on this and it's now ready for finishing, for glazing, and maybe more, as it's one of three I will finish the others first and then come back to it. 
And here's the nearly finished painting! 

The nearly finished painting.

A little about Marie ..

Marie Lynam Fitzpatrick
Marie Fitzpatrick is a mother and a grandmother. She's a web and book designer, a writer and also an artist who at the minute is learning to play Chopin Nocturnes on the keyboard. She's the Managing Editor of The Linnet's Wings Literary Magazine and is currently working on a picture book tentatively titled "The Apple Tree Man".

And about The Linnet's Wings ..

The Linnet's Wings has a quarterly print publication and digital editions of all other issues. Headed by Marie Lynam Fitzpatrick, The Linnet's Wings was founded in Edgeworthstown in County Longford, in the summer of 2007, inspired by the writings of Maria Edgeworth and other great writers who had once lived in, visited or graced Edgeworthstown. The Linnet's Wings is supported by an international team of editors who based in Ireland, US, UK, Canada and Spain.

The name of the journal has been taken from the famous poem The Lake Isle of Innisfree by W.B Yeats - "And evening full of the linnet's wings." 

The TLW Summer 2015 issue has more art inside and I was delighted to find my poem coupled with some beautiful artwork by Ernst Ludwig Kirchner.

Purple Kisses in The Linnet's Wings Summer 2015 alongside Lovers (The Kiss) by Ernst Ludwig Kirchner.
 Lovers ( The Kiss ) by Ernst Ludwig Kirchner 
Read Purple Kisses in The Linnet's Wings Summer 2015 here.
You can buy a print copy of The Linnet's Wings Summer 2015 here. And you can browse through the online edition here

Thanks to Marie Fitzpatrick for taking out the time for the conversation and sending me the photographs. :)


  1. Thank you so much, Priya, both for your hospitality and invitation. It's a lovely presentation that you have created here, and I much appreciated the heads-up for my work.

    My best,


    1. It was my pleasure conversing with you about your art and reflecting on it in my little way here. Thank you for being sweet, Marie. :)


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